Secret origin part deux

Things get a little more out there.

After meeting Nigel Bailey I continued on in the work a day world, unaware that this man at the crossroads was at work in the background. Out in the Meon Valley David and Ali Moss had encountered the Wickham festival and were thinking how great it would be to have a presence there. Plans were formulated, discussions were held, committees met and the Meon Valley Methodist Circuit became the proud parents of the Elemental Tent. Somewhere along the line it was decided to be a good idea to invite me to join the tent as a Prophetic Artist to add to the slightly wacky festival vibe.

My first encounter with the Elemental crew was at the first training session at Waltham Chase. I’d been taking the approach of saying yes to everything I felt God was throwing my way and trusting him not to let me go where I couldn’t do his work. The people I met were warm, friendly, welcoming and willing to head out to the fringes and let God work through them. I felt at home. David’s training session and his explanation of how he wanted Elemental to work as mission sent me away at the end of the evening with a smile on my face. Here was a man who thought like I did. Build everything around relationship. The 3 B’s that became 4 B’s and are now 5 B’s were a concrete explanation of what I felt on a gut level.

As the time of the Festival approached my lovely wife, Karen, took some time off to look after our children while I climbed into our car and headed off into the wilds of the Hampshire countryside.

Next time in part 3, Wickham and beyond.




The secret origin of Missioner Pete

My name is Pete. I’m a Missioner. I have been for two weeks. The water is deeper than I imagined.

Some background. Back in 2012 I was one of the first people to do a course called Ignite. It was the brainchild of two men, Mark Simpson and Allan Cox and it’s primary aim was to raise leaders in the church. (Did i mention this was a story about God and Church? I didn’t? Sorry. Thete will be some laughs along tbe way though so stick with me). On that course I found a talent for seeing in people what God sees in people and sharing it with them through art. (it’s cooler and more fun than it sounds, trust me). 

On Ignite I met a very nice man named Nigel Bailey, a man with a deep conviction that the Methodist Church could change and grow and impact the world as it did in Wesley’s day.  Nigel is a man of vision and that inevitably connects you with people who share that vision. 

Which will take us to part two of our story next time.