An Elemental Take Away


Reflection is a wonderful habit to develop. It requires time and space which aren’t always easy to come by but it is invaluable.

This year was my first time leading the Elemental Tent. I don’t mind admitting that it was slightly terrifying being the person where the buck stops. For the first week afterwards all I could recognise were the things I’d done wrong, the areas where I’d failed. Other people said complimentary things but I paid them no heed.

Two weeks after I took the time to sit down and reflect. There were things I could have done better looking back, but there were things that went incredibly well, better than I ever hoped. I took a balanced view of the event and had to conclude that, despite areas for improvement, it went extremely well.

This wasn’t down to just me though. This was about the team that had been built and trained and encouraged this year and over the preceding years. There are people on the team who can, have and did make excellent decisions about all sorts of elements of Elemental. My role in leading was to support them, trust them and encourage them. Yes I had to be the final arbiter on some occasions.

This was also about the thought and planning that had gone into the five years the circuit has been at Wickham Festival with the tent. The basics of it are obvious, food, craft and conversation but how it is put together is what makes the difference. It’s built on solid foundations of years of study, training that provides a real engagement for volunteers, and an understanding that one size does not fit all. It’s those qualities that mean it has been able to change leadership and still thrive.

When it works it works well and it works because of the foundations it is built on. We have been invited back yet again by the organisers of the Wickham Festival. They recognise that Elemental Tent brings something of value to the festival and want us a part of the set up. We offer something unique and spiritual and that is valued.


(My son, Harry, walking the Labyrinth outside the Elemental Tent)


Author: missionerpete

i an the Pioneer Connexion Missioner for The Meon Valley Methodist Circuit. Also husband, father and artist though not always in that order.

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